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The image maker is a veritable part of the brand and the ultimate trust builder because he is the maker of the visual that the consumer trusts. Hence, he has to be seeped in the essence of the values of the brand. His effort is the "visual packaging of the brands core value proposition" to the consumer.


His role today in the New Media has gone beyond capturing a digital image and expecting it to run with the ethos of the story. He is the ultimate auteur; he is a part and parcel of the brand-building team; he is no longer an independent image creator who claims his intellectual copyright, but the very author, visual storyteller and consumer converter of the brands success.


He has to believe that his responsibility lies in the reason they see his visual, reason they experience the visual deeply and the reason they trust it.


Hence his image making tools in the different New Media digital canvas has to have differently adapted stories or as we say it in the new media space- be "repurposed". Therefore, the same video is repurposed to be


an fb video message, or a tweet video or email video. Infact, the same video will be "repurposed" for very short Vines, slightly longer Instagrams and fuller vlogs.


Today medias merge to create more powerful statements and so you see videos that carry animated illustrations. Then there is education and concept informing platforms like Slide share, which enunciates an interactive brand story. A single brand may have different buyer persona, and yet the same buyer persona behaves very different in different channels!


The advent of smart phones as well as fast downloads more recently have seen a transformation in the way visuals are being made for the smaller screens. A darker picture is lit to be brighter for its bright parts, leaving the rest dark because the smaller screens demand it. Hence the photographer/ filmographer has to adjust to the new screens or shoot a composition accordingly.


Often subscriptions or virality in the online space is the only success outcome that defines the awareness of a brand with its relevant consumers. Whether we like it or not this is an integral part of the domain of the New-Media filmer.

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