VR Mall – Photography Case Study

by Sudhir Ramchandran

It’s about building A PERCEPTION CHANGE THROUGH PHOTOGRAPHY TO ACHIEVE branding and business objectives.

This presentation is about innovating a photographic style driven by strategic thinking to achieve a desired objective.




The Challenge

VR Bengaluru was developed as an integrated lifestyle destination with a focus on making it the center of the local community.
I had presented the recent successful photography campaign I had executed for VR Mall. The photographs were based on a strategy to get immense brand valuation so that consumers will buy into the brand.




There are 4 different aspects of VR, namely hotel, retail, co-working and entertainment. The biggest challenges were
a) How to show the 4 aspects of VR as a single integrated lifestyle destination, and
b) How to build a brand spirit (emotional +authentic) so powerful that it gets its due market share in spite of the Phoenix (Goliath) next door.




The Visual Solution

After much research and studying the space for weeks, we came to a simple solution. Why not create a real and authentic visual experience of the diverse spaces so that together as an integrated unit the perception is built of being a very large multi-unit space of immense engagement possibilities.




The Visual Style

The creative style that we evolved became known as the 'snapshot authentic' as it looked like emotional moments plucked out of pure situations. The style had to become a potent artistic tool for visual brand building and indirectly influence business outcomes.

Hence our challenge as brand visual artists became creating the same photographic magic across disparate subject matters as diverse as the exterior architecture to the humane smile on a child's face with the single energy of youthful excitement.

By using real people in actual situations, instead of staged actions with models, the photography began to play a very powerful role as it became a mirror to actual lifestyle situations that were authentic and resulted in trust.




The Brand And Business Outcomes

Essentially reflecting the key positioning of 'playful sophistication' using memorable lighting and emotion that Sid Yog the primary investor said on launch day, "Sudhir, you have taken something beautiful and made it spectacular!"

The aesthetics aside, the success outcomes were
1) In the enhanced footfalls
2) The curated brands occupying the space as the biggest return of them all
3) The investment ...of 76% in less than half the expected period!
4) The mammoth gain was also the PR in terms of being featured in prominent relevant magazines all the time, extolling the values of the property, especially by appearing in premium magazines like the Vogue and GQ among others.
5) Needless to say the pictures that went to the various awards committees (obviously the buildings cant go the juries!) ensured that we won 25 international awards in every category of hospitality, retail, entertainment and best malls in the country!



What Made The Difference?

We innovated a customized style of consumer-centric photography that displayed a bursting sense of playfulness for the relevant sophisticated consumer.

Hence, we narrated VR's story with authenticity and emotion that created trust in the brand’s high equity value and brought the resultant success outcomes.

Every brand today has millennial as their primary audience and we have realized that the same creative touch or photographic interpretation cannot be applied to all. It will not only be boring and clichéd but there will be a complete absence of the unique spirit of a brand that has come after much differentiating value research and consumer understanding.

Hence our treatment for every brand results in creating innovative styles that connects uniquely to each target persona of that brand.

This customized photography style treatment makes the visual messaging a true reflection of the brand's soul and a purity of that reflection touches the potential buyer's hearts and minds.

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