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Sudhir Ramchandran



Mr. Sudhir is the perfect amalgamation of a photographer, artist and a value creator. He believes that photography is not merely capturing beauty but emphasises that one should always be driven with purpose for value creation. He established his company ‘Sudhirramchandran Photography’ at Bengaluru in 1975. Over the years, he has mastered his art across multiple sectors – fashion, hospitality, wildlife, lifestyle, architectural, portrait photography, etc. and is now one of the most sought-after visual strategists in the world of advertising and marketing. He states that creating ‘Trust’ and ‘Human-centred Empathy’ are two crucial factors that have proven to be successful time after time in brand-building. Recently, he was the only Indian photographer to be approached by Facebook, New York to create and launch a successful ‘Meta Campaign’ (2020) in India.


  • The Architecture MasterPrizeTM Award in Photography (2020)
  • IPA (International Photography Awards) (2018)
  • Syngenta Photography International Awards, London: OUTSTANDING PORTRAYAL of food production and HIGH ARTISTIC QUALITY (2013)
  • Fashion: NEW YORK GOLD for Star TV – Fashion – Channel V Calendar (2007)
  • Webby Awards: The International Academy of Digital Arts & Sciences, HEALTH (2006)
  • Webby Awards: The International Academy of Digital Arts & Sciences, Hospitals Group (2006)
  • Editorial Certificate of Recognition, World Health Organization (WHO) International Photographic Competition, “Health for all – All for Health”, Geneva (1998)
  • International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP) ‘Sinews of Prosperity’, Vienna (1998)
  • Editorial: The Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) GOLD MEDAL – by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), Vienna (1983)
  • Editorial: The Focal Press Special Prize by UNIDO and FIAP (1983)

    As a visual strategist he is constantly developing photography techniques to help brands and businesses connect effectively with the millennial mindset. The approach helps actually to create a more focused-to-the-relevant audience photography that actually results in consumers buying into it.

    His philosophy has always been to create value beyond what a pretty picture does. The value is often quantifiable and due to his unique clarity – authenticity methodology , is able to achieve positive success outcomes.

    A modern photographer to successfully help a brand needs to collaborate with the multiple stakeholders who contribute towards building of the brand. Only then can the visual message design have the desired influence and impact. Therefore the “clarity” of his visual strategy approach involves engaging with stakeholders – from investors to customers – and then execute it with the authenticity in execution of the moments he experiences with them.


    Over the last two decades as CEO/ Founder of VizioHub Singapore and SR Visual Strategies India, he created path breaking digital campaigns using branded photography with technology and inhouse analysis to generate immense value for some of the most significant brands in India and Singapore.

    Sudhir works on case studies with brands, esp startups and brands getting launched in the markets, closely analyzing the impact of his images. Also, he has been holding workshops for photography graduate students urging them to think and build this new photography thought process guiding them through these case studies.

    He is a partner in India’s most influential broadcast design firm, Dynamite Design, he also holds equity in path breaking start-ups.


    He conceptualized the NewSchool - a holistic school of advertising photography that connected established stakeholders of multifarious industries and the
    a)Image makers of the advertising and conceptual fields as well as the
    b)Image takers of the editorial and candid wedding fields among others.

    He combined his in-depth understanding of the digital space and the experience of conceptualizing and curating large visual education workshops to build Connectivate as a dynamic platform for todays educators to help them prepare India’s youth to adequately face the real life challenges of education tomorrow.

    He continues to lecture at premium institutes like the Chamarajendra Academy of Visual Arts and the National Institute of Design.

    Sudhir developed for over 2 decades the significance of compression curve in color to achieve full tonal values of an image through techniques and technologies before, during and past photography production.


  • His book ‘Kerala – A Magical Odyssey’ (2004) is a best seller and has completed its third reprint.
  • He has significantly contributed towards ‘Christie’s Publication titled ‘Costumes and textiles of Royal India’.
  • His images are used in more than 21 publications. They are printed on calendars and magazines by leading brands across the world including the National Geographic.


    Sudhir Ramchandran began his career as an educator at the Dar es Salaam Institute of Technology for 3 years before migrating to India. In Tanzania he simultaneously began a creative career in industrial and rally sports photography for the Daily News Tanzania and soon moved to India to continue his passion for photography.

    As a photographer Sudhir always created emotionally engaging imagery. His images stood out as they were known to help shape value perceptions of a brand in relevant consumers minds for numerous brands across Hospitality, Lifestyle, Industrial, Celebrity , Fashion and advertising.