Facebook launched the Startup Training Hub – a personalized online learning resource that will help small businesses and people grow by giving them the digital skills to succeed in today’s digital economy.
Launching first in India, this hub is meant for entrepreneurs, developers and tech startups who are looking to start building products and businesses #StartAbIndia #BuildYourFuture
The photography needed to build trust in facebook’s initiative of connecting the concept to the targeted consumers. It had to inspire the diverse Indian consumer base.
The preproduction involved connecting with the real entrepreneurs from all walks of life and shooting them in their work environments as they engaged in the day to day activities of their business.
The compositions were simplified and yet kept dynamic to engage the consumers. The lighting was designed to bring in uniformity and not over emphasize the diversity. The composition and lighting had to play hand in hand to bring in the emotional pegs of focused and inspired entrepreneurs so that people felt comfortable with the digital media than intimidated.