ITC Welcomhotel – The Millenial way

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ITC is launching its millennial inspired Welcomhotel brand with the Coimbatore property. With 4 more hotels in the pipeline, the new brand with an overall concept of “Local Love” is aimed at millennials travelling on business and looking for more than just a hotel stay. Local experiences are engraved in the design theme and restaurants. They connected with us as the hotel photography needed a fresh perspective to set the visual brand language for this new chain.

Keeping true to its concept the Coimbatore property has textile-inspired designs- the walls, floors, ceilings and upholstery all reflect textiles from Coimbatore.

The Preproduction involved mapping of the millennial psyche towards hospitality and understanding the local traditional competitors.

The visuals had to be designed keeping the no nonsense approach of the millenials with relevant brand value information to help them decide on choosing the property. The Images were shot to look authentic with ambient lighting mixed well with touches of source lighting to enrich the moods but not dilute them. Brand elements of design were blended in with subtlety.