FLOH - The Luncheon of the boating party

FLOH is a platform created for the new urban audiences looking for a delightful union of like minded people and exciting experiences offline – a bold shift from the natural flow of the times – when most of them spend time online on social medias. The ides is as the people engage across curated events they loose their inhibitions and eventually find their partners. One key factor to their success lies in the strict scrutiny the applicants go through before they become members, creating a safe and a amicable environment for the serendipity to function.

Siddarth, founder of FLOH said, he had 8000 pictures and none of them communicated the essence and spirit of FLOH. He did not want it to like another singles dating platform. The images needed to tell a story of possibilities. The target audience was not just the members but their parents too who were indirectly influencing the decisions. The challenge was clearly to break stereotype perception and build the unique value proposition of the brand in people’s and media’s minds.

After an in-depth competitive study of the perceived competitors , we knew the magic had to be created with actual participants. This was not about lifestyle or people photography. The emotions, the activity and the environment all needed to be captured with the spontaneity with which they happened.

Once I deciphered the algorithms of the digital camera for a natural feel in the images, my focus shifted on designing dynamic images as the activities were not dynamic but the emotions were. I took inspiration from paintings of Renoir – The Luncheon of the boating party – that was the spirit that I was going to create, showing the members relaxing, talking or perhaps covertly flirting in the setting of an event in the background. The main event was never the actual story and that was where the earlier photography was going awry.